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2012 Summer Nationals Medalists and Top Fencers E-mail

I am sure you are as excited as we are about the upcoming 2012 Olympics, and look forward to our U.S. fencers (including Mariel!) doing great and bringing home the medals!

Before we get to that, we want to take the time to acknowledge the great fencing done by our division fencers at the recent 2012 USFA National Championships & July NAC (finishes can be found at

The following are a list of all the division fencers/teams who medaled (with place, fencer(s) names and clubs in alphabetical order.) In the event that no Oregonian medaled, we’ve listed the Division fencer with the highest finish. This list was assembled by hand, so if we’ve made a mistake, please advise. 

Veteran Women’s Team Saber, 1, Felty, Randall, Whitson, Wilson, Eugene FC

Senior Men’s Team Epee, 1, Burke, Conner, Fowler, Wolfson, NWFC

Senior Women’s Team Epee, 1, Abbe, Barna, Copelan, Ford, NWFC

U-19 Women's Epee, 1, Ford, Isabel, NWFC

U-19 Women’s Team Epee, 1, Barna, Ford, Somogyi, Speta, NWFC

Vet 40 Women's Epee, 1, Copelan, Maria, NWFC

Vet 40 Men's Epee, 1, Reid, Brentwood, NWFC

Y-12 Women's Saber, 1, Barnett, Mary, OFA

Vet 50 Women's Epee, 1, Ford, Cristina, SCF

Vet 40 Women's Saber, 2, Klein-Braddock, Kimberly, OFA

Div 3 Men’s Saber, 2, Yang, Peter, OFA

Veteran Women's Team Epee, 3, Brown, Copelan, Slikas, Warlaumont, NWFC

Veteran Women’s Team Saber, 3, Green, Iizuka, Jackson, Maslen, PDX

Div I-A Men's Saber, 3T, Piispanen, Eric, FCAZ

Vet 40 Men's Epee, 3T, Cranor, Erich, NWFC

Div 3 Women’s Saber, 3T, Hassett, Tara, OFA

U-16 Women's Saber, 3T, Sage Palmedo, OFA

Vet 70 Women's Saber, 3T, Green, Sherry, PDX

Div 1-A Women’s Epee, 4, Ford, Isabel, NWFC

U-19 Men’s Team Epee, 4, Frank, Meskell, Small, Tomlinson, NWFC

Div 1-A Men's Foil, 5, New, Redford, NWFC

U-16 Men's Epee, 5, Small, Daniel, NWFC

U-16 Women's Saber, 5, Curzon, Madeline, PDX

Div 2 Men's Saber, 5, Spear, Logan, PDX

Y-12 Women's Epee, 5, Eno, Megan, SCF        

Vet 40 Women's Epee, 6, Warlaumont, Carrie, NWFC

Y-14 Women's Saber, 6, Boitano, Christina, PDX

Div II Women’s Saber, 6T, Hassett, Tara, OFA

Div 1-A Men’s Epee, 7, Reid, Brentwood, NWFC

U-19 Men’s Team Foil, 7, Crepeaux, Mitberg, New, Tilp, NWFC

Y-14 Women's Saber, 7, Hassett, Tara, OFA

U-19 Women's Saber, 7, Palmedo, Sage, OFA

Div I-A Women's Saber, 7, Hee, Malia, PDX

Div 1-A Women’s Epee, 8, Copelan, Maria, NWFC

Veteran Men’s Team Epee, 8, Camillo, Cranor, Reid, Warlaumont, NWFC

Vet 50 Women's Epee, 8, Slikas, Beth, NWFC

Div I-A Men's Saber, 8, Fitz-Gerald, Kunihiko, OFA

Div 3 Women’s Saber, 8, Disher, Natalie, PDX

U-16 Women's Saber, 8, Hee, Malia, PDX

Veteran Men’s Team Saber, Hinds, Lauzon, Sherrard, Walton, SCF        

U-16 Men's Foil, Mitberg, Gregory, NWFC        

Vet 40 Men's Foil, Pinkava, Jan, NWFC        

Y-14 Men's Epee, Krueger, Tristan, NWFC/HighDes        

Veteran Women’s Team Foil, Ford, Keatley, Wilk, Whitson, SCF        

Y-10 Women's Saber, Yun, Joy                

Div 3 Women’s Epee, Smith, Xunan, HighDes        

Y-14 Men's Saber, Fitz-Gerald, Kunihiko, OFA        

Senior Men’s Team Foil, Crepeaux, Mitberg, New, Tilp, NWFC        

U-19 Women’s Team Saber, Bozentka, Comstock, Guinn, Pliego, OFA

Div 3 Men's Epee, Cooney, Henry, RVFC

U-19 Men's Epee, Tomlinson, Ryan, NWFC

Veteran Men's Team Foil, Camillo, Holeman, Pinkava, NWFC

U-16 Men's Saber, Lin, Benjamin, OFA

Vet 40 Women’s Foil, Marx, Lisa, NWFC/MARX

Vet 50 Women's Saber, Maslen, Cheryl, PDX

U-19 Men’s Team Saber, Larsen, Lin, McKay, Yang, OFA

Y-10 Men's Foil, Vogler, Justin, NWFC

Vet 50 Men's Epee, Warlaumont, Eric, NWFC

Div 2 Women's Foil, Summers, Mariah (Mari), NWFC

Div 3 Men’s Foil, Nikitins, Michael, NWFC

U-16 Women’s Epee, Somogyi, Rita, NWFC

Div 3 Women's Foil, Summers, Mariah (Mari), NWFC

Div 2 Women's Epee, Oursler, Anne, RVFC

Div 2 Men’s Epee, Keatley, David, SCF

Vet 50 Women’s Foil, Wilk, Kathryn, SCF

Vet 50 Men’s Saber, Hinds, Steven, PDX

Div 2 Men’s Foil, New, Redford, NWFC

Y-14 Women’s Foil, Summers, Mariah (Mari), NWFC

Y-10 Men's Saber, Johnson, Andrew, OFA

Y-14 Men's Foil, Wise, William (Will), NWFC

Y-12 Men's Epee, Frank, Timmy, NWFC

U-19 Men's Foil, Weinstein, Connor, NWFC

U-16 Women's Foil, Summers, Mariah (Mari), NWFC

Y-14 Women's Epee, Smith, Xunan, HighDes

Y-12 Men's Foil, Wise, William (Will),  NWFC

U-19 Women's Foil, Summers, Mariah (Mari), NWFC

Y-12 Women's Foil, Espinosa, Julia, NWFC

Vet 60 Men’s Saber, Sands, Ned, PDX

U-19 Men's Saber, Larsen, Jeffrey (Jeff), OFA

Y-12 Men's Saber, Johnson, Zachary (Zack), OFA


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