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The Oregon Division of USA Fencing (Oregon Division) is a non-profit organization, formed to promote fencing in the State of Oregon and support Division members.  The Oregon Division runs several RYC events during the year, as well as qualifiers for the Junior Olympics and Summer Nationals.  The Oregon Division has been the Local Organizing Committee for a number of North American Cups and the Junior Olympics in Portland since 2008. In addition to running tournaments, the Oregon Division Board also manages the Division's operations, sets the schedules for sanctioned tournaments in the Division, and manages classification changes.  Oregon Division Board Members serve for two-year terms on a volunteer basis. Elections are held in June of each year at the Annual Meeting, held concurrently with the Oregon State Games.
The entire Board can be contacted by sending email to board (at) usfa-or dot org. Tournament organizers should send rating/classification change requests (use either the USFA form or the AskFred auto-generated form) to the Division secretary, Jamie Fife at the email below. The Division also has a Tournament Sanctioning Guide - please email us for a copy.
The Division also has two sets of Favero reels, two Firefly scoring boxes, a HP netbook with FencingTime, and test equipment available to Division member clubs for for use at tournaments. Please contact Leo Curtis, Board Chair, at the email below for more information.
2015-16 Board Members are:
  • Justin Meehan (Chairperson): justinm (at) usfa-or dot org
  • Justin Vogler (Executive Vice Chairperson): justinv (at) usfa-or dot org
  • Larry Crepeaux (Vice Chairperson): larry (at) usfa-or dot org
  • Jamie Fife (Secretary): jamie (at) usfa-or dot org
  • Christine Mallette (Treasurer): christine (at) usfa-or dot org
  • Paul McNamara (EFC Club Representative)
  • Jamie Fife (Orion Fencing Club Representative)
  • Raoul Rodriguez (NWFC Club Representative)
  • Chuck Gitomer (OFA Club Representative)
  • Wendy Dillree (PDX Club Representative)
  • Jeff Heglie (Southern Oregon Fencing Center)
  • Susan Schwabauer (Salem Fencing Club Representative)

Contacts for specific information:
  • General questions: board (at) usfa-or dot org
  • Request for tournament sanctioning or additional information: board (at) usfa-or dot org
  • News items/website: news (at) usfa-or dot org
  • Classification change requests: jamie (at) usfa-or dot org
  • Equipment Borrowing: leo (at) usfa-or dot org

The official mailing address of the Division is:

Oregon Division of the USFA
c/o  Northwest Fencing Center
4950 SW Western Avenue
Beaverton, OR 97005-3428