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The Regional Youth Circuit (RYC) is a USFA-sponsored program for youths in the Y10, Y12, and Y14 age categories.  The purpose of these events is to allow youths to gain experience in larger "USFA-style" competitions without having to travel out of their local region. At each RYC, events will be held in all three weapons (foil, epee, and sabre).  For each weapon and age category, awards will be given to the the top three boys and top three girls.  For Y10 and Y12 fencers, attending an RYC will qualify that individual for the Summer Nationals (in the respective event and age category that they fenced in).  Y14 fencers qualify by either the Division's Summer Nationals qualifier, or by having national points.     

Requirements:  All fencers must be a current USFA member (or complete the application at the door), and bring their membership card.  Full USFA uniform is mandatory, including mask, jacket, plastron (underarm protector), fencing knickers, knee-length socks, lame', and glove.  Each fencer will be required to have two working electric weapons (foil, epee, or sabre, as appropriate), and two working body cords.  All Y10 fencers will be required to use size "0" or size "2" blades (i.e., less than 32.5 inches long).  Names on uniforms are recommended, but not required for RYC or Division Qualifiers.
Note:  The USFA is now requesting that youth fencer's age be verified at RYC events.  Unless the fencer has already been age verified at a NAC event (see your USFA card), please bring either a passport or social security card to the preregistration desk. 
Equipment checks are conducted at RYC events held in the Portland and Seattle/Bellevue area.  Please make sure your mask, body cords, weapons, and lame's are in good working order prior to the event.  Limited types of replacement equipment are available at RCFC (Bellevue) and NWFC (Beaverton) - please call for availability.  Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to have equipment in good working condition.  
Age Requirements (2010-2011 Season only):
Y10: Birth years of 2000 - 2003
Y12: Birth years of 1998 - 2001
Y14: Birth years of 1996 - 1999